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Aug 29, 2018


San Antonio Express-News staff writer David Hinojosa takes the conversation to local high school sports with his story into why Cornerstone athletics chose to leave the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, and what area athletic directors and coaches think about 19 new student transfers to the school....

Aug 23, 2018

San Antonio Express-News writer S. M. Chavey has details on water usage and conservation efforts in San Antonio. Find more details at

Aug 16, 2018


San Antonio Express-News immigration reporter Silvia Foster-Frau details her thoughts on interviewing the wife of Sutherland Springs shooter Devin Patrick Kelley, accompanied by audio excerpts of their conversations. Find more details at

Aug 12, 2018

San Antonio Express-News senior reporter Guillermo Contreras has details on the detention of 18 year old Sergio Salazar. Read more at

Aug 3, 2018

San Antonio Express-News investigative reporter John Tedesco has details on a possible violation of the Endangered Species Act by a development firm that bulldozed an area set for the construction of a planned apartment complex. Read more at